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65 New Bond Street
London, W1S 1RN

GeneU brings the power of science and genetics to personalized luxury skin care. Using point of need, cloud based genetic analysis services provided direct to customers, GeneU is unique in its ability to provide rapid, tailored recommendations and skin care products based on individual genes and lifestyle factors.

Clinically proven to improve the visual signs of ageing, GENEU is the world’s first in-store DNA test and lifestyle assessment. GENEU’s U+ profiling was invented and patented by Professor Christofer Toumazou, winning him the European Inventor of the Year Award 2013. The U+ profiling approach significantly removes the guesswork involved when customers seek to select the best skincare regime to prevent ageing and maintain healthy, hydrated skin.

Genes specify much of what makes us who we are - whether we have brown or blue eyes or are tall or short, for example. Analyzed correctly, genes can also tell us what a person needs to do in order to maintain healthy skin and a healthy diet. Although skin ageing is a well described process with different changes occurring during a lifetime, how we age is principally due to our genes as well as lifestyle. People’s skin can age in different ways and at different paces and much can be done preventatively to slow down the process. GENEU analyses highly specific genetic variations that are key to an individual’s skin ageing and based on an individual’s genetic skin ageing data and lifestyle, provides customized skin products specific to each customer’s profile.

* GENEU’s prescribed skincare has been clinically tested in a controlled study at the Imperial College London.
Experienced dermatologists assessed, independently, a group of 86 participants (aged 31-65 years of age) over 12 weeks. They concluded that DNA prescribed skincare provides a better result than an off-the-shelf product.

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