Tectus Carbon Initiative

Tectus Carbon Initiative
Beustweg 12
8032 Zurich

Contributing to the decarbonization of the built environment by improving the way we build and maintain with technology.

Global megatrends are combining to create an urgent need for sustainability, resilience and lower carbon emissions in the built world. Construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure account for almost 40% of energy related green house gas emissions. Climate change is already posing challenges for the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings, infrastructure and communities. Urbanization and population growth create massive need for new construction to the tune of adding an entire New York City to the world every month for the next 40 years, while over 50% of the emissions related to new construction are in the form of embodied carbon (emissions produced during the manufacture, transportation, and construction of building materials and components used in construction, including energy intensive steel and concrete production). On the other hand, 80% of buildings that will be standing in 2050 have already been built and require maintenance, repair and retrofitting efforts to increase their useful lifespan under growing climate, usage and environmental efficiency demands. Meanwhile labor shortages, digitalization and demands for quality and efficiency are driving a shift towards automated, offsite construction and fueling related technology innovation.

The Carbon Initiative leverages Tectus’ 80 year history in construction & engineering alongside its pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit to protect, maintain and responsibly grow the built world using well established and proven technology. With a particular focus on embodied carbon, we offer a range of best-in-class CO2 efficient construction technologies across our diverse construction, real estate and specialized engineering and inspection businesses. By adopting a holistic view on the emissions impact of asset lifecycles, we contribute to lowering embodied carbon through employing efficient construction methods, promoting the use of maintenance, repair and retrofit technologies and enabling stakeholders to proactively inspect, monitor and maintain structures to maximize their assets’ longevity, health and NPV.

Examples of solutions offered include:

  • Post Tensioning Technology with significantly thinner and lighter structures allowing reduced construction time, optimized use of concrete and steel rebars, thereby embodied carbon.
  • Modular construction with prefabricated and prefinished volumetric structures, resulting in reduced construction time, minimized onsite labor, optimized job-site safety with less material waste
  • Asset Management digitization and inspection of assets to enable proactive identification and asset healthcare decisions based on a standardized set of data in a visualized digital twin
  • Maintenance Repair and Retrofit technology enabling extension of service life of buildings and infrastructure instead of demolishing and replacing them with new structures.

The Tectus Carbon Initiative aims to push these innovative solutions combined with strong brand heritage and project track record across the global BBR network and Tectus’ customers and partners.

This first-in class initiative is led by a diverse, global multi-disciplinary team of senior executives

Bruno Valsangiacomo – Tectus Chairman
Gianni Moor – Carbon Execom
Koichi Oba – Carbon Execom
John Driscoll – Advisor Finance & Accounting
Romano Fanconi – Tectus Executive Board Member
Hemera Beretta – Tectus Chief of Staff