Screening Eagle

Screening Eagle
Ringstrasse 2
8603 Schwerzenbach

We are passionate about protecting the neural infrastructure that supports our society, and our mission is to protect the built world with software, sensors and data.

Many of the world’s most valuable assets that underpin our everyday lives are at risk due to lack of proper inspection and maintenance procedures. In the United States for example, nearly 10% of all bridges are structurally deficient, in India 50% of bridges are in a precarious condition and over 28% of the bridges in Germany are in a worsening or deficient condition. The state of other assets, across power, sewerage, transportation networks and many more, follow the same pattern.  Screening Eagle Technologies, with its two subsidiaries Proceq and Dreamlab, was created to address the challenges facing our assets and infrastructure with inspection technology.

Incorporating advanced cloud-connected sensors, delivering real-time scanning and test measurement data, with software, analytics, AI and AR, we enable predictive asset healthcare that extends asset life, reduces cost of ownership and maximizes net present value for asset owners as well as inspection and maintenance professionals.