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BBR Project of the Year 2012

BBR VT International Ltd
Bahnstrasse 23
8603 Schwerzenbach

This year, the highly coveted ‘Project of the Year’ award goes to Netherlands-based BBR Network Member Spanstaal for their work on the 2nd Coentunnel where BBR technology played a major role in the realisation of the project.


The new structure was built using post-tensioned immersed tube tunnel elements, built in the dry dock at Barendrecht and transported to the tunnel site where they were submerged. Post-tensioning work was carried out in 2011 and the new tunnel will be opened to traffic during 2012. The judging panel was impressed by the in-depth knowledge, combined with confidence in using innovative techniques for immersed tunnelling, displayed by Spanstaal on this project. Spanstaal has a proven track record of such projects using diverse and flexible BBR systems.

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