European Approval for flat slab post-tensioning system

BBR VT International Ltd
Bahnstrasse 23
8603 Schwerzenbach

The BBR VT CONA CMF BT internal post-tensioning system with flat anchorages has now received European Technical Approval (ETA).

The new CONA CMF contains the latest post-tensioning technology for flat slabs requiring PT tendons with 02, 03 and 04 strands. The system is based on 0.5” (93mm² and 100mm²) and 0.6” (140mm² and 150mm²) standard bonded prestressing strand or monostrand (unbonded).

"This is the latest ETA approval for an individual post-tensioning system within our all-new CMX range which we designed specifically to provide the construction industry with superior technology to meet the demands and aspirations of today’s market place."

Antonio CaballeroHead of Technology, BBR VT International Ltd

The new flat bearing trumplate has an optimal rectangular outer shape, which allows it to be installed in the thinnest slabs. Three different planes, whose slenderness has been designed to reduce the peak of the bursting stresses, transfer the load to the concrete and allow for full stressing at very low concrete strength. The anchor head brings reliability and competitiveness to the system. The CONA CMF system has been tested against static load, fatigue load and load transfer to the structure. The system fully complies with the European Technical Approval Guideline ETAG 013.