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Proceq launches new DY-2 fully-automated pull-off tester

Proceq SA
Ringstrasse 2
8603 Schwerzenbach

With the launch of the DY-2 Family, Proceq introduces new automated pull-off testers which cover the complete range of pull-off applications.


DY-2 has an integrated, feedback controlled motor which guarantees a constant load rate. The unique features offer a complete record of the pull-off test, proving that the test was carried out in accordance with the applicable standard. All models are calibrated according to EN ISO 7500-1 Class 1 and thereby exceed the accuracy requirements specified in all major standards. 

Pull-off testing is one of the most widely used test methods in the construction industry. It is indispensable for the diagnosis of structural damage to buildings, as well as for checking complete renovation work.

Today, Proceq announced an expansion to its existing Dyna pull-off tester portfolio with the DY-2 Family (DY-206, DY-216 and DY-225), a new generation of automated pull-off tester. DY-2 conforms to all of the following standards: EN 1542, EN 1015, EN 1348, ISO 4624, BS 1881 Part 207, ASTM D4541, ASTM C1583, ASTM D7234, ASTM D7522, ZTV-SIB 90. Additionally, most standards state an accuracy requirement. The DY-2 is calibrated according to EN ISO 7500-1 Class 1 and thereby exceeds the accuracy requirements specified in any of the standards listed above.

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