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Laying the foundations for future growth

Tectus S.A.
Beustweg 12
8032 Zürich

A future filled by further innovation and global success for materials testing device producer Proceq SA was symbolized on July 7, 2014 by the laying of a foundation stone and burying of a time capsule at the site of their new international headquarters building complex in Schwerzenbach, near Zurich, Switzerland.

The entire Proceq staff, representatives from parent company Tectus Group together with local officials and the construction team witnessed the placing of the foundation stone and also the burial of a time capsule in the foundations.

Proceq is part of the Tectus Group – a multi-national conglomerate which provides mentorship and is funding further development of the business, including the construction of the new headquarters. The new facility is purpose-designed to suit the specific needs of Proceq’s business underpinning future growth and applying green technologies wherever possible.

Peter Ekberg, Tectus Group CFO and Member of the Proceq Board of Directors, commented: “This major investment by the Tectus Group is a sign of confidence in the ability of Proceq to bring still further materials testing innovations to the market. The placing of a time capsule into the foundations brings to mind the practice of the ancient Egyptians, who sealed writings and items they valued into their great pyramids.”

“It is appropriate that while celebrating Proceq’s 60th anniversary this year we at the same are laying the foundations for the continued growth of the business in the coming decades.”

While filling the time capsule, Proceq CEO Dr. Ralph Mennicke said: “We have carefully selected the contents of this time capsule so that they not only record our historic success, but also symbolize our entry into new business segments and our drive towards further growth and new markets. Most importantly, they also recognize that it is our people who will make this happen. Of course, we are also including our newest product, Carboteq – which we launched at this year’s Geneva motor show – it is a flagship for the future direction of our business.”

Items locked into the time capsule include a fully operational Carboteq carbon brake wear measuring device and operating instructions, as a document about Proceq’s 60-year history – and a booklet containing photographs of all company employees as of 7th July 2014.

Following the ceremony, a barbecue offered the opportunity for staff and business associates to celebrate and share thoughts, aspirations and ideas for the future in an informal environment.



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