Tectus Japan participates in NEXCO East Japan's Accelerator Program "Dorapura Innovation Lab" with Dynamic Map Platform

Tectus S.A.
Beustweg 12
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Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 31 Jan 2024 – Tectus Japan, a subsidiary of Swiss-based Tectus Group, marketing and selling Tectus’ portfolio of innovative and sustainable construction and engineering technologies, including leading utility mapping solutions powered by Screening Eagle Technologies, proudly announces its participation for the prestigious accelerator program, "Dorapura Innovation Lab", initiated by NEXCO EAST Japan with Dynamic Map Platform.

"Dorapura Innovation Lab" NEXCO East Japan is the program to support companies with new technologies and service ideas with innovative technology and business models and aims to realize next-generation expressway services, revitalize regions, and improve society. This is an accelerator program that aims to create businesses solving various problems.

Tectus Japan distinguished itself in the selection process due to its cutting-edge utility mapping solutions that leverage the powerful Ground Penetrating Radar Array and data processing and Augmented Reality visualisation technologies of Screening Eagle Technologies. Tectus Japan has secured its place among the top 5 selected companies in the program, in collaboration with its strategic partner Dynamic Map Platform.

Tectus Japan and Dynamic Map Platform proposed a ground-breaking technology enabled approach aimed at enhancing the efficiency of surveys and inspections of underground buried objects. The project focuses on implementing advanced detection mechanisms for underground objects on roads, service areas (SAs), and parking areas (PAs). Moreover, the visualisation of this data using spatial IDs has been a key aspect of the project, which has been successfully adopted by "Dorapura Innovation Lab".
Tectus Japan is enthusiastic about the joint effort with Dynamic Map Platform and remains committed to the creation of value that contributes to the protection and management of the built world. Powered by Screening Eagle Technologies, Tectus Japan is set to significantly advance the sophistication and efficiency of identifying and managing expressways through what lies beneath, be it infrastructure to protect or risks to identify and mitigate.

"We are honoured to be selected for the 'Dorapura Innovation Lab' program by NEXCO EAST Japan. This recognition reaffirms the impact and potential of our utility mapping solutions in revolutionizing expressway services and underscores the innovative spirit of Tectus Japan,"
said Koichi Oba, Representative Director and President of Tectus Japan. “In NEXCO EAST, with its innovation focus and broad reach, and DMP, with its high precision above surface 3D data platform, we have found the ideal partnership and share a vision for a more digitised and proactive approach to capturing and maintaining vital assets.”

The collaboration aims to drive sustainable technologies and elevate the standards of managing underground buried objects, aligning with the overarching theme of the program. Tectus Japan is poised to make significant contributions to the evolution of expressway services in collaboration with NEXCO EAST Japan and fellow participants in the "Dorapura Innovation Lab".