Stahlton Bautechnik

Stahlton AG
Stahlton Bautechnik
Wässeristrasse 29
8340 Hinwil

Supply of specialist design, construction, post-tensioning and related technologies to the Swiss market.

Stahlton Bautechnik is the market leader in Switzerland in specialist engineering, maintenance repair and-retrofit (MRR), geotechnical engineering and, through membership of the BBR Network, it has the latest international post-tensioning and stay cable technology and techniques at its disposal.

The company has seven decades of experience in providing specialist design, construction and technology services to the Swiss market. Down the years, innovation, quality and customer satisfaction have remained at the root of what has made Stahlton the market leader and first port of call for post-tensioning and related technologies.

Stahlton has a reputation for pioneering innovative products for the construction and civil engineering industry. The company is now building on this reputation based on the delivery of market-driven, cost-effective products and services, durable and low maintenance solutions, as well as security and flexibility in application. In-house product development and manufacturing facilitates comprehensive monitoring of individual manufacturing processes. Together with extensive material testing processes, production control of critical manufacturing steps and on site quality monitoring, Stahlton can guarantee a high and consistent quality standard.