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Latest BBR technology for Rio Corgo Viaduct

BBR VT International Ltd
Bahnstrasse 23
8603 Schwerzenbach

The 2,796 m long Rio Corgo Viaduct is nearing completion and will be the first to feature BBR’s latest technology – the HiEx CONA Monotube Saddle. The viaduct is part of a 140 km motorway linking the cities of Vila Real and Bragança in Portugal.


The BBR HiEx CONA Saddle represents the newest and most modern saddle for stayed and extradosed bridges by completely eliminating the drawbacks and problems associated with traditional friction saddles and, at the same time, allows for a more compact and slender pylon. When the 42-span Rio Corgo Viaduct is completed in early 2013, BBR PTE Spain will have installed 88 HiAm CONA stay cables (22 pairs per pylon) where the longest cable will be 159 m long and 44 HiEx CONA Saddles featuring the Monotube configuration.

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