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BBR Holdings Singapore

BBR Holdings (S) Ltd
BBR Bulding
50 Changi South Street 1
Singapore 486126

Construction, specialist construction engineering and property development in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Brunei.

Listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities since 1997, BBR Holdings (S) Ltd runs integrated construction and property development business portfolios. The company has evolved not only to meet the demands of the communities in which it works, but also to compete successfully in its specialist areas.

BBR Construction Systems, based in Singapore, delivers specialist post-tensioning, stay cable, heavy lifting, bridge design & construction, maintenance, repair and retrofitting services.
BBR Construction Systems provides specialist structural engineering services to the Malaysian market, including prestressing and post-tensioning, stay cable technology, precasting services, structural repair, strengthening and alteration.
Singapore Piling & Civil Engineering Private Limited offers design and build, general construction, civil and structural engineering, retrofitting and conservation services.
Singa Development Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1979 to undertake general construction works and related services. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Piling & Civil Engineering Pte Ltd.
BBR Piling Pte Ltd was established in Singapore to develop the business and strengthen its expertise in bored piling specialist works.
BBR Greentech Pty Ltd is as a wholly-owned subsidiary carrying out system integration and distribution of renewable energy solutions.
Real Estate
Singapore-based BBR Development Pte Ltd is the property development division of BBR Holdings (S) Ltd. The division is a boutique developer focusing on niche luxury end residential projects in prime locations.
Moderna Homes Pte Ltd was fully integrated into the BBR Group in 2016 and specializes in Prefabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Modular Construction (PPVC) technology and also possesses the competence to design and assemble Prefabricated Bathroom Units (PBU).
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