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Brain Forum

The Brain Forum
Beustweg 12
8001 Z├╝rich

Global platform for progress in the domain of brain research

The Brain Forum, launched in 2013, was created in response to rapid advances in our understanding of the brain. It connects researchers, engineers, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, industrialists, investors, funding agencies and policy makers to advance our understanding of how the brain works and to accelerate and translate the application of that understanding to human needs.

This growing body of knowledge holds the key, not only to the development of new treatments for neurological disorders, but also to a broad range of applications that could transform the way we live and work. If we are going to make practical progress, however, research alone is not enough. There has to be a broad ranging, interdisciplinary and collaborative response that builds on the achievements of cutting-edge science.

The flagship initiative of The Brain Forum is its annual conference, where world-renowned presenters openly share their thoughts and discuss challenges, innovative solutions and opportunities for treating the growing epidemic of neurological disorders and for enhancing brain function. The Innovation Award and pitch competition brings the most innovative entrepreneurs to the attention of the international community, while the Exhibition area gives both established and new businesses the opportunity to showcase their products and services, and to meet potential investors and customers in a uniquely supportive and interactive context.

The Brain Forum is a wholly independent charitable foundation registered in Switzerland and one of the most important global platforms for progress in the domain of brain research. 

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