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BBR Construction Systems (MY)

Construction, specialist construction engineering technology and services in Malaysia.

BBR Construction Systems provides four major types of specialist structural engineering services to the Malaysian market - prestressing and post-tensioning, stay cable technology, precasting services, structural repair, strengthening and alteration. Through their membership of the BBR Network, the company has access to the latest international engineering technology and techniques for post-tensioning and stay cables. They use BBR CONA Compact and BBR VT CONA CMX systems, prestressing systems developed by BBR VT International Ltd and adopted in over 45 countries.

The company also supplies and installs well-proven stay cable technology using the BBR DINA parallel wire stay cable system, as well as the BBR CONA HiAm parallel strands system. Precasting of structural elements – such as bridge girders, prestressed slabs and beams – is also undertaken by the experienced team. The latest structural repair, strengthening and alteration techniques used by BBR Construction Systems include grouting, guniting, epoxy plate bonding and carbon fiber (CFRP) / glass fiber (GFRP) techniques.

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