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ffc fincoord finance coordinators ltd.
Beustweg 12
8032 Zurich

Financial and strategic advisory and management services with extensive expertise in banking, capital markets and business governance.

fincoord AG has become a central services function offering financial and strategic advisory and management services for companies within or associated with the Tectus Group. Fincoord represents best-in-class mergers and acquisitions, investment banking and corporate services know-how with the objective of implementing the highest professional standards across all of the Tectus Group companies.

The 20-strong team at fincoord’s Zurich HQ has extensive experience in strategic advisory, restructuring, start-ups, all forms of bank and capital markets financing, managing all aspects of corporate legal processes. In addition there are HR and IT support services teams, as well as a team handling every aspect of corporate administration, contracts, accounting and payroll services.

There is great emphasis at fincoord on shared values and developing people, both within their own and Tectus Group companies organizations. Their openness extends to allowing the thought process behind the making of strategic decisions to be entirely transparent.

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