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Virtually Live

Virtually Live (Switzerland) GmbH
Beustweg 12
8032 Zurich

Virtually Live is a media and technology company enabling people to virtually consume live events across multiple devices and platforms, creating fully-immersive and interactive (social/gaming) experiences for fans. Virtually Live’s patented technology delivers the ultimate fan experience for the passive spectator as well as the active participant by inviting fans to engage, create or compete live at the world’s premier events. All events are created in computer-generated imagery and visualised via data gathered and processed through Virtually Live’s proprietary machine learning algorithms and media system.

For example, in motorsports, Virtually Live’s ghost racing gaming mode, powered by our in-house developed physics engine, allows fans to test their abilities in real-time against the professionals by precisely mirroring the positioning and order out on track, while also allowing fans the chance to clip and share their experiences, achievements and near-misses on social media. Fans and gamers can also post their best qualifying time and compete after the race has finished, reproducing scenarios and challenges that occurred during previous events.

More broadly, our technology can be applied from sports to music, gaming, education and other live events.

Virtually Live’s true VR media platform is for fans, broadcasters, sponsors and rights holders, with particular appeal for Gen-Z audiences who prefer short-format, gamified content. Our unique value proposition enhances the experience of fans during and around a live event building social communities that drive sticky customer engagement, triggering additional revenues through subscriptions, micropayments, personalised advertising and branding. Immersive, social and gaming experiences can help attract and retain young, tech-savvy audiences difficult to reach with traditional media to optimize audience demographics.




Formula E and Virtually Live Ghost Racing Game - ABB FIA Formula E Championship

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