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Beustweg 12
8032 Zurich

Vesalius is transforming how people experience music by creating highly scalable, on demand, exclusive media content to overcome traditional limits to music enjoyment while enabling immortality to music stars.

Named after the famed physician who founded modern human anatomy and revolutionised the practice of medicine, Vesalius delivers music experiences with photorealistic virtual likenesses created using proprietary technology, special effects and artificial intelligence.

By securing virtual rights and creating photorealistic virtual likenesses, we allow starts to perform live on stage or using virtual or augmented reality. As leaders in the creation of photorealistic humans using CGI (Computer Generated Images), we are enabling fans and artists alike to connect in new ways across multiple platforms ranging from live interactive experiences to mixed reality and social VR as well as traditional broadcast, gaming and AI enabled products. Through our platform and by partnering with leading global superstars, we can reach mass audiences across intergenerational touchpoints. We create personal musical experiences that engage and excite audiences, and provide artists with innovative ways to connect with their fans.

Vesalius is a partnership between Simon Fuller and Bruno Valsangiacomo, and the team boasts seasoned professionals with roots in music, broadcasting, special effects and technology industries, while also partnering with pioneers on the development and rollout of Vesalius platform and content.

Vesalius is headquartered in London, with offices in San Francisco, Malaga and Zurich.


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