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Stahlton Bauteile

Stahlton Bauteile AG
Hauptstrasse 131
5070 Frick

Developer, manufacturer and vendor of innovative, proven, multifunctional components for the construction industry.

Stahlton Bauteile AG is a developer, manufacturer and vendor of innovative, proven, multifunctional products for the construction industry and tailors its range with need-based solutions to meet market demands. Manufacturing is carried out at the company’s purpose- built factory in Frick, Switzerland.

The company’s core competencies lie in the efficient production of components made of prestressed concrete, toughened clay, glass fiber reinforced concrete and glass fiber composite material in combination with polystyrene. The provision of technical advice about the components is an essential part of the Stahlton ordering process and great importance is also attached to aftersales support and services. In addition, full documentation is available and targeted training courses and symposiums, covering current topics, are held at regular intervals.

The development and improvement of the Stahlton product range is always carried out in collaboration with manufacturing customers and suppliers of related components. The Stahlton vision is that the company’s products should simplify the building and improve the quality of construction, streamline the construction schedule, deliver cost savings for the user and meet high technical requirements for construction. In-house innovation management steers future- oriented activities – this is the place where ideas are generated and where innovative products are supported, coordinated and refined.

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