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The Tectus Group is a family-owned multi-national business with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company has diverse investments and operations across six market segments:


Our name is drawn from a Latin word meaning ‘sheltered’ and, accordingly, we provide a haven for the businesses in our portfolio - allowing them to develop and flourish with their own unique identities and brands. At first glance, the organizations that form the Tectus Group and associated company portfolio appear to be a diverse assortment of independent businesses operating across multiple industries and geographies. However, they share common threads – like strands of DNA – which intertwine and unite them in a spirit of enterprise, innovation and ethical practice.

While the earliest companies within the Group can trace their heritage of success over 70 years, Tectus actively invests in innovation both within established businesses and in supporting new companies and initiatives. Since then, organizations within the Tectus portfolio have evolved and emerged to serve the needs of our evolving economic and social fabric. This complex socio- economic tapestry is mirrored by the diversity of the businesses - ranging from highly specialized construction technology and engineering concerns to digital health initiatives and lifestyle brands, some trading nationally and some internationally. No matter what their specialist area or territories covered, all of the organizations share the goals of being best-in- class and setting new benchmarks.

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