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GEHAG Real Estate

GEHAG Real Estate AG
Föhneneichstrasse 19b
6440 Brunnen

Management of diverse property portfolio and new development schemes.

GEHAG Real Estate is a division of the Tectus Group which manages the current property portfolio, as well as developing new projects. Over the years, the Tectus Group has progressively expanded its operations and, along with this growth has come an attractive property portfolio containing a diverse range of industrial, commercial and residential properties. Some of the buildings are being used by group companies, but all have now been brought together under a centralized professional management team – in the shape of GEHAG Real Estate. Most of the property development schemes currently in view are in Switzerland’s Zurich Canton and around Lake Zurich – an attractive area with easy transportation links to both the city centre and the airport. A trio of important factors – economics, technology and social responsibility – feature in the company’s strategy for bringing a development idea to the drawing board. GEHAG Real Estate’s contribution is always to use their specialist know-how, to ensure the highest quality of design and construction - and, ultimately, the delivery of a building fit-for-purpose.

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