Speedy precast segment casting

BBR VT International Ltd
Bahnstrasse 23
8603 Schwerzenbach

Precast segment casting has been recently completed - 100 days ahead of schedule - by BBR Malaysia for the Penang Second Crossing.


There are two bridges in total, one for each direction of traffic flow. Each bridge comprises precast box girder segments with external post-tensioning. 

BBR Malaysia was engaged to match cast the precast segments with dimensions 14m wide x 3.2m high x 4m deep. By casting against the previous cast segment, the joint matching of shear keys was assured during segment erection and installation. Completed segments weighing between 80-100t were delivered to the working fronts by barge and then erected by launching gantries using a span-by-span erection method. When completed, a total of 8,092 segments will have been erected for the 16km crossing.