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Proceq launches Resipod Family - a complete solution for concrete durability testing

Proceq SA
Ringstrasse 2
8603 Schwerzenbach

Proceq expands its successful Resipod portfolio for concrete durability testing and introduces Resipod Geometric and Resipod Bulk Resistivity. With the launch of the new Resipod Family, Proceq offers a complete non-destructive test solution for measuring the electrical resistivity of concrete in the laboratory and on site. 


The newly introduced Resipod Geometric is an advanced surface resistivity test instrument supplied with a variable space probe. It allows the testing of cylinders with aggregate sizes larger than 1.5“ (38mm) and enables the user to enter geometric correction factors via the related ResipodLink software. The Resipod Geometric is fully compliant with the new ASTM standard under development which goes beyond the limitations of the existing AASHTO TP 95-11 standard.

As an alternative method, the Resipod Bulk Resistivity test measures the sample resistivity between electrical plates placed at either end of the sample. It can be used for cylinders with a diameter up to 4“ (100mm). The geometry factor is very simple and the test is rapid to perform, with similar advantages as the surface resistivity test. Concrete electrical resistivity testing is completely non-destructive, simple to perform and yet is one of the most versatile test methods for laboratory and on site evaluation of concrete. Information can be obtained about the likelihood of corrosion, the corrosion rate, and the curing efficiency. It can even be used to predict the durability of a structure. 

The construction industry is rapidly moving towards performance based specifications for concrete durability testing and this is largely determined by the resistivity of fluid in the pores, the pore structure and the degree of saturation. It is therefore directly related to the permeability of the concrete. All of these factors are affected by construction practice and this makes electrical resistivity an ideal test method for use in quality control programs and performance based specifications. 


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