NeuroPro and Tectus Group supporting the Brain Forum 2015

The Brain Forum
Fraumünsterstrasse 16
8001 Zürich


NeuroPro and Tectus Group are proud to announce their active involvement in and support of The Brain Forum 2015, set to take place on March 30 - April 1, 2015 at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland.

About The Brain Forum 

Challenging the future –The Brain Forum brings together some of the world’s leading inspirational thinkers and pioneers to identify the challenges and discuss the latest advances in brain research, neurotechnology and personalised healthcare. 

Academics, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, business executives and policy makers, both from the public and private sectors, share their thoughts on combating the growing epidemic of neurological disorders and how personalised approaches and new technologies could improve the value and quality of healthcare. 


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Visit The Brain Forum website, or email the organizing team at