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Proceq Group lines up for strategic growth projects in 2015

Proceq SA
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Proceq Group lines up for strategic growth projects in 2015

Proceq Group is pleased to announce that Robert Shaffer is joining the Proceq S.A. Board of Directors, effective 1 January 2015. He will also continue to hold the Chairman role of the Proceq USA Board of Directors. Ramine Eskandari, Vijeyasingam and André Näf will succeed Robert Shaffer to lead Proceq’s Global Sales & Marketing. The Global Sales & Marketing Executive Committee will steer, manage and hold full responsibility for the worldwide subsidiaries and sales and marketing activities of the Proceq Group (www.proceq.com).

Ramine Eskandari was recruited from IMD Business School after completing his MBA in 2007. He restructured Proceq’s Global Supply Chain, and has been leading sales and marketing activities in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia since 2012.

As the General Manager of Proceq Asia since 2007, Vijeyasingam has grown the Asian business for Proceq with new sales and marketing approaches. He has been contributing valuable market feedback from the Asian markets to Proceq’s new products. Since early 2014, he has been responsible also for the key markets China and Japan.

André Näf joined Proceq in 2012 as the Head of Global Marketing, and has been the coordinator and project leader of the Carboteq product launch at Autosalon 2014 in Geneva (www.carboteq.com), as well as the Anniversary 2014 events worldwide. He is expected to place strong emphasis on brand and e-commerce initiatives in his new capacity.

Marcel Poser, Executive Co-Chairman of the Proceq S.A. Board of Directors comments:
"By joining the Proceq S.A. Board of Directors, Robert Shaffer is adding many years of experience in the global NDT markets to this committee. In particular, Robert holds an outstanding track record in building up Proceq’s worldwide distribution system with local business units. I am looking forward to his future contributions to Proceq’s market success.
At the same time, we are pleased to see the new Global Sales & Marketing Executive Committee succeeding Robert Shaffer to grow our worldwide sales. New priorities will come from the fast changing markets in terms of what and how we distribute our products and services in future."

2015 will be the start to new business expansion initiatives for Proceq. Beside energizing Proceq’s engagement in its classical NDT business through product launches of new Equotip products, Proceq will shortly announce further projects to expand its business scope beyond the successful classical business.

Ralph Mennicke, CEO of the Proceq Group adds:
“Proceq develops products and solutions fast and efficiently. We have now entered a new phase in which we will expand our product portfolio with Proceq’s in-house grown innovations and with the integration of third party inventions – in and beyond our classical product domains.“

For further information, please contact:
Proceq S.A., Ringstr. 3, 8003 Schwerzenbach, Switzerland, info@proceq.com


About PROCEQ S.A., established in 1954

Proceq S.A. is a leading manufacturer of high quality portable instruments for non‐destructive testing of materials such as concrete, metal, paper and composites. It is headquartered in Schwerzenbach / Switzerland and has subsidiaries in several countries worldwide. Proceq S.A. is part of Tectus Group.

About TECTUS GROUP, established in 1944

The Tectus Group and associated companies is a family‐owned multi‐national business with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company has diverse investments and operations across seven market segments: construction & engineering, devices & solutions, bio‐medical, lifestyle, media & entertainment and real estate.


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