BBR VT International

BBR VT International
17-09-2020 / BBR VT International
01-05-2020 / BBR VT International
15-08-2019 / BBR VT International
27-05-2019 / BBR VT International
01-05-2019 / BBR VT International
27-07-2018 / BBR VT International
18-04-2017 / BBR VT International
Global BBR Conference 2017 World-class knowledge sharing
24-03-2016 / BBR VT International
Global BBR Conference 2016 World-class knowledge sharing
01-05-2015 / BBR VT International
The 2015 Annual Global BBR Conference kicks off in Bangkok.
14-06-2014 / BBR VT International
The delegates at the 2014 Global BBR Conference in Interlaken used the occasion to celebrate BBR’s 70th Anniversary in great style, also have explored innovations for the future. Back in 1944 three innovative Swiss engineers founded the BBR business pushing the boundaries of contemporary knowledge to meet market needs introducing with new technology aimed at using less construction materials.
13-08-2013 / BBR VT International
A highly successful project managers course has just been completed in Brisbane, Australia.
13-03-2013 / BBR VT International
The 2013 Annual Global BBR Conference kicks off in New Zealand.
24-01-2013 / BBR VT International
Precast segment casting has been recently completed - 100 days ahead of schedule - by BBR Malaysia for the Penang Second Crossing.
28-11-2012 / BBR VT International
The 2,796 m long Rio Corgo Viaduct is nearing completion and will be the first to feature BBR’s latest technology – the HiEx CONA Monotube Saddle. The viaduct is part of a 140 km motorway linking the cities of Vila Real and Bragança in Portugal.
26-07-2012 / BBR VT International
The BBR VT CONA CMF BT internal post-tensioning system with flat anchorages has now received European Technical Approval (ETA).
26-04-2012 / BBR VT International
Following an investment of €60 million - the largest in Herzegovina – and with the help of the BBR Network, the new Mepas Mall in Mostar is now open for business!
04-04-2012 / BBR VT International
This year, the highly coveted ‘Project of the Year’ award goes to Netherlands-based BBR Network Member Spanstaal for their work on the 2nd Coentunnel where BBR technology played a major role in the realisation of the project.
07-03-2012 / BBR VT International
The Basarab Flyover Bypass is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Romania, one of the widest cable-stayed bridges in Europe and the longest bypass in Bucharest – so, it is no surprise that it features BBR technology and know-how!