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Proceq introduces enhanced Schmidt Hammer portfolio

Proceq SA
Ringstrasse 2
8603 Schwerzenbach

Since the introduction of the Schmidt Hammer in the 1950’s, Proceq has continuously developed its Schmidt Hammer portfolio to cover the entire range of compressive strength classes. 


With further improvements of the best-selling advanced rebound hammers SilverSchmidt and Digi-Schmidt and the re-introduction of the Schmidt OS-120 Pendulum Hammer, Proceq‘s concrete test hammer portfolio is the most comprehensive available. The fully integrated digital Proceq SilverSchmidt concrete test hammer meets the new version of the EN 12504-2:2012 standard. Experts throughout Europe recognize EN 12504-2 which prescribes the common method for obtaining a reliable rebound value. This standard is a fundamental requirement of EN 13791 for assessing in-situ compressive strength and is regularly referred to in specification sheets and contract documents.

The SilverSchmidt features superior performance, unmatched repeatability and intuitive operation all in a rugged and ergonomic unit. 

Schmidt OS-120 Pendulum Hammer reloaded

Market need for non-destructive testing of fresh concrete and very low strength concrete, as well as the continuous demand for brick wall joint testing led to the re-introduction of the Proceq Schmidt OS-120 Pendulum Hammer which is available in two versions – for softer material adn for classifying the mortar of joints in brickwork.


Digi-Schmidt indicating device screen now with backlight

The indicating device screen of the world‘s first digital rebound hammer with data storage Digi-Schmidt is now equipped with backlight function. Together, the SilverSchmidt, Schmidt OS-120, Original Schmidt and the Digi-Schmidt cover the entire range of compressive strength classes from 1 MPa (145 psi) to over 100 MPa (over 14,504 psi). Each rebound hammer is built for a different purpose in order to meet the specific needs of the customer.

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