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Artificial Intelligence comes to non-destructive testing of concrete

Proceq SA
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Artificial intelligence and rugged terrain capability feature in new Profometer® Cover Meter range – bringing unparalleled accuracy and latest technology to measuring rebar cover.

Schwerzenbach/Switzerland, September 30, 2016 – Global leader in portable measurement solutions for non-destructive materials testing, Proceq, has today announced the launch of its ground-breaking Profometer 630/650 AI – Artificial Intelligence – models.

These two new Profometer AI models offer increased measurement intelligence – and thus productivity – for civil engineers and inspection companies alike. Accurate detection of reinforcement steel in an existing structure when drilling, coring or cutting is paramount. For example when new openings are to be created, it is vital that the existing reinforcement should not be damaged - lest the structure itself become weakened. Additionally, inspection engineers routinely need to locate rebar and assess rebar in new structures, for quality checking or fire resistance, and also for carrying out corrosion analysis inside large structural elements.

Profometer’s new Artificial Intelligence cover estimation feature is based on a self-learning algorithm, with the ability to estimate cover for two layer rebar configurations. The Profometer AI models yield the most accurate cover readings for standard orthogonal two layer rebar configurations with greater than 90% probability that first layer cover measurements are within a 2 mm accuracy.

The sophisticated Profometer 630 AI further enhances the application range of the Profometer 600 with the Single-Line, Multi-Line and Area Scan Modes and an extensive choice of statistical views. Meanwhile, the Profometer 650 AI extends the features of the Profometer 630 AI further still with the unique Cross-Line Scan measuring mode and analysis functions. Full reporting features are available, as required, for large investigation campaigns where a comprehensive report is to be delivered to the client. The Profometer high resolution touchscreen allows the best possible measuring and data analysis for an entire working day with a battery lifetime of over eight hours, while the dual core processor to support diverse communication and peripheral interfaces.

In addition, the new ruggedized Profometer scan cart is designed to cope with tough construction environments and enables smoother continuous scanning over rough concrete surfaces. Its large diameter soft rubber wheels offer high stability and precise positioning even on irregular surfaces and prevent locking from dirt and debris ingress.

As always, Proceq is delivering on its promise of a future proof investment for existing customers by offering direct upgrade kits for the Profometer 630/650 models which will enable the new features.

Proceq CEO Ralph Mennicke said: “Our new Profometer Artificial Intelligence models bring a state-of-the-art and thoroughly robust approach to on site surveying and measurement. As well as greater accuracy and additional intelligence, they offer users significant time savings - with the attendant cost benefits.”

Marcel Poser, Proceq Executive Chairman and Tectus Group CEO commented: “With its use of Artificial Intelligence, this is our first product leveraging disruptive and next generation technology to be brought to market. There will be more exciting developments to come from the R&D focus at Proceq and from Tectus's latest technology initiatives at its Tectus Dreamlab Singapore innnovation hub.”

About Proceq SA
Proceq has been designing and manufacturing high-quality portable instruments for the non-destructive testing of metal, concrete, rock, paper and composites since 1954. The company’s products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland, where the in-house R&D team at its Swiss headquarters continues to produce instruments which set new industry standards. With subsidiaries in North and South America, United Kingdom, Russia, the Middle East, China and Singapore, the company provides its international customers with excellent local support. Proceq is part of the Tectus Group.

About Tectus Group

The Tectus Group and associated companies is a family-owned multi-national business with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company has diverse investments and operations across seven market segments: construction & engineering, devices & solutions, bio-medical, lifestyle, media & entertainment and real estate. No matter what their specialist area or territories covered, all of the organizations share the goals of being best-in-class and setting new benchmarks.

About Tectus Dreamlab PTE LTD

The Tectus Group established Tectus Dreamlab Pte Ltd in Singapore in November 2015, to focus on cutting-edge, cross-functional research. At the new, state-of-the-art facility in Fusionopolis, the Tectus Dreamlab team works on cross-disciplinary R&D projects that leverage existing expertise within the Tectus Group, combined with the novel technologies and capabilities of various research platforms in Singapore. While the Tectus Group has enjoyed a long successful heritage in Singapore, Tectus Dreamlab is the Group’s first R&D-focused strategic investment in the city-state. It is the second such hub for the Tectus Group and complements its existing facility in Switzerland.

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