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Proceq launches new Pundit model

Proceq SA
Ringstrasse 2
8603 Schwerzenbach

Swiss-based Proceq launches new super-fast ultrasonic array detection solution

Schwerzenbach/Switzerland, December 16, 2106 – Global leader in portable measurement solutions for non-destructive testing, Proceq, has today announced the launch of its new Pundit 250 Array ultrasonic detection solution aimed primarily at the concrete testing market.

The new Pundit 250 Array takes ultrasonic multi-channel pulse echo testing to a new level. With 8 channels featuring 3 transducers each, the Pundit 250 Array is substantially faster and more accurate than any other standard equipment currently available on the market.

The new device can scan deep into concrete – and also fiber reinforced concrete. Its lightweight and compact design promotes increased accessibility and faster scans. One of the many user benefits offered by the new Pundit 250 Array is high resolution live view scanning – by holding the instrument against the concrete, an image of the inside can immediately be seen. It also features a panorama mode whereby the scans are automatically joined into one long image so that, for example, the whole of a scanned wall can be viewed.

The new Pundit 250 Array comes already equipped to receive additional enhancements, expected during 2017, which will help customers to maximize their investment still further.

Proceq CEO Ralph Mennicke said: 
“The Pundit 250 Array represents a milestone in non-destructive testing with huge opportunities and options for Proceq's users in the future. Every NDT specialist in civil engineering and concrete inspection should see this product.”

Marcel Poser, Proceq Executive Chairman and Tectus Group CEO commented:
“The strategic investment which has brought Proceq to this position began in 2009 with the acquisition of CNS Farnell and has included the hire of additional experts to revamp Proceq’s ultrasonic product line. Proceq has launched 6 new products in 2016 and has geared-up, together with Tectus Dreamlab, to transform the NDT world with game-changing innovations to be launched in 2017."


About Proceq SA
Proceq of Switzerland was founded in 1954 and is a leading manufacturer of high quality portable testing solutions for many different industries. The company’s strong research and development team at its headquarters in Switzerland continues to create Swiss-manufactured products which feature latest technology and set industry standards. With subsidiaries in North and South America, United Kingdom, Russia, the Middle East, China and Singapore, the company provides its international customers with excellent local support. Proceq is part of the Tectus Group.

About Tectus Group

The Tectus Group and associated companies is a family-owned multi-national business with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company has diverse investments and operations across seven market segments: construction & engineering, devices & solutions, bio-medical, lifestyle, media & entertainment and real estate. No matter what their specialist area or territories covered, all of the organizations share the goals of being best-in-class and setting new benchmarks.

About Tectus Dreamlab PTE LTD

The Tectus Group established Tectus Dreamlab Pte Ltd in Singapore in November 2015, to focus on cutting-edge, cross-functional research. At the new, state-of-the-art facility in Fusionopolis, the Tectus Dreamlab team works on cross-disciplinary R&D projects that leverage existing expertise within the Tectus Group, combined with the novel technologies and capabilities of various research platforms in Singapore. While the Tectus Group has enjoyed a long successful heritage in Singapore, Tectus Dreamlab is the Group’s first R&D-focused strategic investment in the city-state. It is the second such hub for the Tectus Group and complements its existing facility in Switzerland.

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