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Screening Eagle Unveils New Multichannel GPR System for Subsurface Mapping with Real-time 3D Visualization

Screening Eagle
Ringstrasse 2
8603 Schwerzenbach

At the recent #KEY23SET – Built World Tech Keynote Event, Screening Eagle unveiled a new addition to their subsurface mapping GPRs with the launch of the GS9000 Multichannel GPR system with real-time 3D visualization.

The new GS9000 provides the most versatile solution to a big challenge of the underground built world: lack of reliable data for subsurface utilities such as water, gas mains, fiber optic lines and much more. The new multichannel solution solves this challenge with its huge data collection capabilities.

The principles of the GS9000 are the same as those that made the GS8000 subsurface mapping system famous, yet with the GS9000, these principles are enhanced to bring new levels of productivity for scanning large areas.

Designed with robust carbon fibre that keeps the radar signal intact, and Stepped Frequency GPR technology, the GS9000 provides the highest possible depth and resolution. Users are able to scan up to 50 tightly spaced parallel lines at the same time whilst visualizing the results in real-time in the map as a line, a trench as an area, a void as a localized spot. This eliminates guesswork and enables large areas to be covered up to 30x faster.

The GS9000 sensor comes with the powerful iPad app software for live data processing and visualization of the data. The user interface is based on simple gestures that make digitizing and sharing data easier than ever. Through the app, users can visualize the collected data as an infinite swath (Superline), or in an accurately georeferenced tomography (Free Path).

The GS9000 also comes with two interchangeable array options to cover a plethora of applications including bridge and road inspection, forensics, utility mapping, geophysical investigations, archaeology and more. The two arrays can also be swapped with the new GM8000 mobile mapping system as they are the same.

Screening Eagle are now offering the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the new GS9000, plus the other new solutions recently released at #KEY23SET at their upcoming Subsurface Mapping Tech Roadshow events.

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