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New Management Appointments at Stahlton and SpannStahl

Stahlton AG
Wässeristrasse 29
8340 Hinwil

The Board of Stahlton is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Management team.

Thomas Richli
joins as the new CEO of both companies. He is a graduate of the School of Engineering at Zurich University of Applied Sciences and NUS National University of Singapore Business School. Thomas has more than 20 years experience in the civil engineering arena – both in Switzerland and internationally. He worked for Zschokke Engineering/Henauer Gugler and Leica Geosystems as a design consultant, project leader and product manager. In 2008, he joined BBR VT International, headquarters of the BBR Network, where he held the position of Chief Business Development Officer with strong focus on Asia-Pacific.

Markus Halter is nominated as the new COO. He is a civil engineer and holds a degree from the School of Engineering St. Gallen. Before joining Stahlton, he worked for various Swiss contractors and specialists in heavy lifting operations, bridge construction and road equipment works. In 2002, Markus started as a product manager for geotechnical applications and successfully advanced a complete range of strand ground anchors. He then led Stahlton’s subsidiary in St. Gallen before he took over as Business Unit Manager of Stahlton Bautechnik which has subsidiaries in Hinwil, Frick, St. Gallen, Tafers and Mezzovico.

Alfred Saxer is appointed to the Management as the head of SpannStahl products. He graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich and attended advanced courses in structural and steel engineering at ETH Zurich. He has also a degree in business administration. During his time as a design consultant, he gained proven knowledge in post-tensioning design. Alfred joined SpannStahl in 1983 as an engineer and has become an expert in post-tensioning (bar and strand), geotechnical bar applications, bar systems and stainless steel. Recently, he acted as a Managing Director and Board Member of SpannStahl.

The Board is confident that these new senior management appointments will foster Stahlton’s and SpannStahl’s leadership in the specialized engineering field in Switzerland with market-driven and innovative technologies, excellent support, production and execution services to Swiss quality standards.

About Stahlton
Stahlton (Bautechnik) is market leader in geotechnics, post-tensioning, stay cables as well as structural strengthening and retrofitting. The company is a Member of the BBR Network and has more than seven decades of experience in providing specialized design, construction and technology services to the Swiss market. Down the years, innovation, quality and customer satisfaction have remained at the root of what has made Stahlton the first port of call for any application in the specialized engineering arena. In-house product development, manufacturing facilities and site operation services guarantee a high and consistent quality standard.

About SpannStahl
SpannStahl was founded in 1968 and is the Swiss licensee of Dywidag-Systems International (DSI). The company is a leading technology and service provider in the field of strand and bar post-tensioning, geotechnical, reinforcement and structural bar systems, as well as concrete accessories and stainless steel. SpannStahl’s engineers, backed by DSI, offer technical support to consultants and contractors, and continuously improve and adjust its technologies to the needs of the Swiss market. Local suppliers combined with DSI products and SpannStahl’s own production plant guarantee high quality standards and swift delivery to customers. Experienced site staff and engineers ensure efficient and safe operations.

About BBR VT International and BBR Network
BBR VT International is the technical headquarters and business development center of the Global BBR Network and located in Switzerland. From here, the HQ team coordinates the BBR Network and offers a wide range of services to its members which help them to work efficiently in their local markets. The BBR Network is recognized as the leading group of specialized engineering contractors in the field of post-tensioning, stay cables, geotechnical and construction engineering in over 50 countries.

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