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Powering Progress: Tectus Japan established for synergistic expansion in the Japanese construction engineering market

Tectus S.A.
Beustweg 12
8032 Zürich

Tectus Group, a global leader in the construction and engineering industry, announces the establishment of its newest subsidiary in the strategic market of Japan. With its unwavering commitment to high standards of engineering and quality, and its mission to preserve the built environment sustainably, Tectus sees Japan as an attractive destination for its innovative technologies and carbon efficient solutions.


Japan Positioned to Thrive as a Global Centre for Built Environment Advancements

Representing the world’s 3rd largest economy, and facing the dual challenge of both an aging workforce and an aging stock of critical infrastructure - including buildings, bridges and tunnels – there is an urgent need for rehabilitation and modernisation of these structures. Over 360,000 bridges will be over 50 years of age by 2028 and over 5,000 tunnels in Japan will be more than 50 years old in 2033. Moreover, with clear carbon emissions reduction targets and one of the highest patent rates in green technologies and construction, Japan has become a hub for innovative solutions and smart technologies to conserve the built world.

Technology Spotlight: Inspection, Maintenance, Repair, and Sustainable Transformation

Tectus combines its near 80 year history with decades long track record in Japan, with a special focus on infrastructure inspection, monitoring and Maintenance, Repair & Retrofit technologies and services in a holistic offering for asset conservation. Leveraging cutting-edge solutions and a commitment to sustainability, the company aims to reshape the way structures are maintained and constructed through synergistic cooperation of Tectus affiliates and partners. These include Screening Eagle Technologies, promoting asset efficiency and longevity through sensors, software and data for digitalised asset condition monitoring and preventive maintenance, and the BBR network, offering leading certified post-tensioning systems applied extensively in the construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure globally.

Tectus Japan’s ambitious growth plans will be spearheaded by Dr. Koichi Oba, a seasoned executive with a stellar track record of establishing successful marketing, sales and production organisations across the construction ecosystem.

Dr. Oba commented:
"I am excited to lead Tectus' expansion in the Japanese market. Japan offers numerous opportunities for organic growth and strategic partnerships. We aim to leverage the collective knowledge and resources of Screening Eagle, BBR and our other portfolio companies to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of Japan’s built environment.”

Bruno Valsangiacomo, Tectus Group Chairman said:
"Tectus Group has a rich history spanning over 50 years in the Japanese market. Our BBR systems have been equipped in over 250 bridges across Japan, many of whom are candidates to maintain and extend their longevity with smart and well coordinated inspection, monitoring, repair and maintenance activities such as those provided by Tectus and its partners. I look forward to this next chapter for Tectus in Japan to deliver enhanced safety, sustainability and value creation for its stakeholders and broader society.”



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