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The Brain Forum outperforms itself in 2016

Tectus S.A.
Beustweg 12
8032 Zürich

The Brain Forum connects innovators, researchers and clinicians with entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers, to advance our understanding of how the brain works and to accelerate the application of that understanding to practical human needs. Tectus is a founding partner of The Brain Forum and Mr. Bruno Valsangiacomo, Tectus Group Chairman, is a member of The Brain Forum Foundation Board and Advisory Board. Tectus is again a key sponsor at The Brain Forum 2016, to be held 26-27 May in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Quote from Tectus:
"With a 70-year tradition of innovation in its different business lines, Tectus is proud to be founding partner of The Brain Forum and bring together thought leaders in possibly the most exciting scientific field of the 21st century."

With Tectus‘ support the 2015 Brain Forum brought together over 1,000 attendees from 27 countries at the Swisstech Convention Centre in Lausanne for two days of presentations by leading neuroscientists, lively exchanges, innovative exhibitions and a start-up pitch competition. Watch the highlights to find out more. 




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