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Jesus Hormigo, Virtually Live CTO, shares his view on the future of motorsport in FIA's Official magazine

Virtually Live (Switzerland) GmbH
Beustweg 12
8032 Zurich

Auto industry leaders answer the question: HOW WILL FANS BE WATCHING MOTOR SPORT IN 10 YEARS? 

As well as featuring our own Virtually Live CTO's views on graphics, tracking and artificial intelligence, Alejandro Agag, Formula E CEO, had this to say about the partnership between Virtually Live and Formula E

"The other element linked to how fans are now gaming or viewing motor sport is through virtual reality. Fans want to be able to follow their favourite driver with a selection of onboard views and 360-cameras – virtual reality allows you to do this. We have been trialling this with Virtually Live, which allows you to follow the action on a virtual reality headset – sit in the car, or even stand up and move around the car as they are racing on track. I tried it in Long Beach last season and I was blown away. Looking up and seeing the skyscrapers, and checking behind to see where your closest rival is – it takes motor sport viewing to a whole new level." 


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