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Aquila Inspection
Beustweg 12
8032 Zürich

Our high-tech structural investigation solutions, paired with a digitalized asset management approach, help maximize lifecycle performance and enhance sustainability.

AQUILA was established as part of the Tectus Group's contribution to improving the sustainability of the construction industry—especially by minimizing embodied carbon in the built environment. Our goal is to enable existing structures and infrastructure to be used as long as possible with minimal structural intervention, providing confidence that they remain safe and fit for purpose, or by identifying any potential weaknesses and enabling precisely defined remediation work to be carried out in good time. Our subsurface scanning services provide essential information about the as-built design and current condition of concrete and non-concrete structures, as well as details of services, obstructions, and even archaeological treasures buried beneath the ground.
At the same time, AQUILA’s tech-driven approach also improves efficiencies, reduces costs and boosts asset values – not least because sustainable practices yield higher rents and market premiums, thereby increasing shareholder value.

We achieve these goals by combining the state-of-the-art NDT technologies and cloud-based software solutions of Tectus portfolio company Screening Eagle with our in-depth know-how, advanced processes, and international network—and making all this available to franchisees around the world. Because the more widely these cutting-edge technologies are used, the greater their impact—for asset owners, operators, engineers, and the environment.


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